DJ Delite – Miami Night Time Mix -Tuesday 9pm est.

DJ Delite
DJ Delite


Catch DJ Delite every Tuesday on the Miami Night Time Mix starting at 9pm est. Mixing up the best in Bilingual programing. www.Wepa.Fm – Powered by AddictedToRadio.Com

DJ Delite was born and raised in Miami Florida. This gave him the advantage of being exposed to different types of music which in turn helped to shape his current DJ Style. He enjoys the fact that in Miami music is not limited to one style because it is so culturally diverse. A Miami DJ needs to know a little of everything or else it will become a short career. He started DJing at 16. DJ Delite had a friend who had his elder’s brother’s equipment and started to mix two songs together. From that point on he was hooked. He saved money and bought some second hand equipment from another DJ. In the beginning he mixed freestyle, Hi-NRG and Miami Bass which he loved with a passion. Then progressed into the newer styles. Now DJ Delite rocks the house with the latest DJ equipment and has the party jamming with his vast music collection. Nothing to him is more enjoyable to know he’s the one who keeps the people dancing. DJ Delite loves what he does and always takes time to perfect his craft. He takes it very seriously and put 110% effort so when he is hired for a party etc you know you’re getting nothing but the best.


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