DJ Jeremy Alvarado – Wednesday Miami Midday Mix


DJ Jerermy Alvarado
DJ Jerermy Alvarado

DJ Jeremy Alvarado was born right here in the MIAMI. He’s lived in South Florida his whole life and has a full understanding of Miami’s party life and more importantly the Flavor that Miami/South Florida has.

“Miami has a unique flavor when it comes to 80’s retro, Freestyle, Old School, Bass, Dance and more. Understanding that musical Flavor and being able to present that to listeners, party guest and anyone else that is within earshot is my goal. Once you hear that special song that instantly brings you back to when you were in middle school is what I live for.”

DJ Jeremy became interested in DJing after being at a local concert where a DJ was wowing the crowd with his mixes, techniques and music selection. Right after that concert he got his own equipment and started practicing. After practicing with all types of Genre from Disco, Freestyle, Dance, Hip Hop, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, 80’s, and House he was finally ready.  Less than a year later he did his first House Party.  Ever since then he’s been DJing House Parties, Weddings, Corporate Parties, and more all over South Florida.

“I admitt I love Dance and House Music but my passion is Freestyle.  There is no comparison to how Stevie B, Judy Torres, Giggles and all the other Freestyle Artist make you feel when their songs are playing.”



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