Lua – Happy Hour Drive – Thurs. & Fri. 3pm – 7pm Est.

Lua - Happy Hour Drive
Lua – Happy Hour Drive every Thursday & Friday 3pm – 7pm est. only on www.Wepa.Fm – Powered by AddictedToRadio.Com

Hi everyone! My name is Lua Missaghi and I am beyond thrilled to become a part of the Wepa family. Just a little personal geography and history lesson for you all: My parents are both Persian, but somehow ended up where I consider one of the greatest places in the world—NICARAGUA– where I was born and raised (ok, maybe that’s a little too patriotic). From a very young age I listened to the radio and said “man, these people sound like they’re having a blast…sign me UP!” 20+ years later, I have finally been given the opportunity to pursue my dream of being in the broadcasting world. I am ready, excited and eager to start this new chapter. C’mon say it with me—WEEEEEEEEPA!