Sponsorship Opportunities

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Wepa.Fm Premium Sponsorship & Donation Opportunities

Consider partnering with Wepa.Fm and have your name, product or website seen by potential customers worldwide. We have a wide selection of placement ads that meet all type of budgets. In addition, we work with you to ensure you are getting the most of your sponsorship dollar. Below are the following ways we can increase exposure to your business.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Below are the current sponsorship programs we offer on Wepa.Fm

On-Air Radio Sponsor: (All On-Air sponsorships will be worded in the following fashion – “This hour on Wepa.Fm is brought to you by XYZ Company, located at XYZ. For more information call or visit their website”).

Rates: (30-day period)

  •  $25.00 per month 1 Mention Daily
  •  $45.00 per month 2 Mentions Daily
  •  $80.00 per month 3 Mentions Daily
  • $170.00 per month 4 mentions daily
  • $300.00 per month 5 mentions daily

Mobile App Sponsor: (Logo Ad displayed on our Sponsors page with a link back to sponsor site)

  • $100.00 monthly
  • $250.00 quarterly
  • $450.00 half-year
  • $650.00 yearly

Website Sponsor: (Banner Ad displayed on our Side Bar Widget with a link back to sponsor site)

  • $125.00 monthly
  • $300.00 quarterly
  • $500.00 half-year
  • $800.00 yearly

Donations: (We appreciate your support and accept any amount of donations via our donation options available on our website with PayPal).

For more information please contact: The Marketing Team at marketingteam@wepa.fm