Wepa.Fm is Your Official Bilingual Internet Radio Station! Playing the best from the 70’s, 80’s,90’s & today.Disco, Salsa, Freestyle, Merengue, Italo, Bachata, House, Reggaeton, Classics, Pop. Listen Live at www.Wepa.FmWe play the best Independent music, by partnering records labels, publishers and artists.

The station was established on October 17th, 2008. The whole concept of Wepa.Fm was originally based on a mix show started by DJ/Producer Jorge Ojeda who was also a mixologist in several legendary Miami radio stations like Super Q 107.5 FM, Rhythm 98.3 & the early years of Power 96.5 FM. The idea of creating a radio station has been a long-time dream, and now a reality through the advancement of the Internet and mobile technology.

Wepa.Fm launched its official broadcast to the world on November 22nd at 8pm and became the first Bilingual Internet Radio Station to bring Miami to the world. The mission of Wepa.Fm is to unite people through music and provide an outlet for independent music. The station’s goal is to become the source for independent record labels, publishers and artists to have their music heard and promoted through the Wepa.Fm website and mobile applications, worldwide.

Wepa.Fm is one of the top Bilingual radio brands on the Net and seeks to expand the future of radio on the Internet by providing an exclusive channel of high-quality independent music not heard on terrestrial radio. The station will keep true to helping promote and break the evolution of radio by supporting independent artists and music. In addition, allowing listeners to purchase the music played through the website and mobile applications. The station will also host exclusive artists interviews, DJ mix shows and record releases of new independent music.

Today, being multilingual is not rare, in fact it is the norm for most of the world’s societies and since music is a universal language it only makes sense that this sound is gaining mass appeal. That’s why having a Bilingual Internet radio station is important not only for Miami, but for the world.