Brandon Miller Finds His Footing In A Tough Loss To The Stacked Spurs Squad.

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The Charlotte Hornets had one of their biggest 2023 NBA 2K24 Summer League games with a matchup against the Victor Wembanyama-led San Antonio Spurs. This matchup was an extremely exciting one for basketball fans all around the world as it saw the number one and number two draft picks, Victor Wembanyama and Brandon Miller respectively, duke it out for 

the first time. The game was indeed filled with exciting moments, especially when Hornets’ forward Kai Jones put 7’3 Wembanyama on the receiving end of his first NBA poster. This “welcome to the league” moment will surely continue to be talked about for months to come especially entering the 2023-2024 NBA Season. More importantly for the Hornets, they got to watch their rookie Brandon Miller continue to find his place on the court after a rough start.

Miller did indeed find some comfort while out on the court, posting 16 points, 11 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals, and 1 block, however, he still has a ways to go in his journey. While out on the floor, Miller was able to cut down his turnover (2)  and foul (5) count after totaling 15 fouls and 10 turnovers in his first two games. To some fans, Miller’s performances may be disheartening, but to those who recognize the importance of the Summer League, this is the perfect opportunity for Miller to iron out the kinks before the regular season begins. 

Bryce McGowens and James Bouknight also made a big impact on the floor alongside Miller. Despite falling to the Spurs 76-68, the young Hornets squad was able to showcase more of what they can accomplish come the regular season. McGowens put up 15 points on 41.7% shooting, while Bouknight put up 14 points, 9 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block while shooting 33.3% from the field and 20% from behind the arc. This young Hornets team shows a lot of promise, especially with LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges returning to the lineup. As the 2023-2024 NBA Season unfolds there is a very good chance that the Hornets find themselves as one of the teams competing in the Post Season. 

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