Cachita Lopez upcoming releases

##Cachita Lopez & Jonpito at Calle Ocho 2024 WepaFm Stage


CACHITA debut of one of the upcoming releases “FIRE”. Heavy electro bass freestyle dance music with strong diva vocals belting improvisation. Florida Rave meets JUST A LIL BIT OF JAZZ and disco orchestra ( live instruments in the recording fyi. And on stage when the time comes). One of the versions giving Paul Hardcastle feels ( rainforest) but with waaaay more jump. Performed her “Moving On” ( Brickell Breaks version) for the first time. Coming through in 2024 on the Freestyle/Vocal Breaks tip. Productions by Jorge Ojeda, the Destune remix team and future rave gods TRUESELF & SUSPENCE. Representing MIAMI, TAMPA and ORLANDO. The Next Wave of Florida Rave.