Lazarus Interstellar – Electro Bass Remix (World YouTube Premier on Friday- Dec. 22 at 8pm EST)

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Artist: Fantom Force ft. Jorge Ojeda
Title: Lazarus Interstellar (Electro Bass Remix)
Video Directed and edited by Kaladroid Cozmic Flow Productions.
Additional Footage: Julian Ojeda


“Lazarus Interstellar Electric Bass Remix by Fantom Force ft. Jorge Ojeda delivers a mesmerizing fusion of electronic beats and Jorge Ojeda’s vibrant bass performance. The remix brings a fresh perspective to the original, with dynamic shifts in rhythm and a pulsating energy that keeps you hooked. Fantom Force’s production expertise shines through, creating an immersive sonic experience. Ojeda’s mastery of the electric bass adds a unique dimension, elevating the track to new heights. A captivating remix that seamlessly blends futuristic sounds with the raw power of live instrumentation, making it a standout in the electronic music scene.”